SAA Apprenticeship Learnership Program

SAA (South Africa Airways) apprenticeship learnership program is designed for youth of South African for both females and males who aim to improved their skill within aviation industry. The position that available is varied, thus applicants can choose position that fits them the most. Successful applicants of apprenticeship learnership program at SAA gain benefits from work based training program and also direct exposure of aviation environment that will assist its successful applicants to enter aviation industry. To fulfill your expectation to join the training program designed by SAA, First thing’s first, applicants should hold grade 12 qualification.

SAA apprenticeship learnership

The grade 12 qualification, however, should be accompanied by physical science and maths for minimum level-4symbol or average 50%. Another way, you can apply SAA apprenticeship learnership program 2017, 2018 & 2019 with N3 qualification alongside maths and physical science/engineering science, and you should obtain either level-4 symbol or average 50%. Additional competencies, such as, excellent communication skill, team player skill, and keen interest to learn attitude, it will widen your chance to win the apprenticeship and learnership program. The application should be submitted online, however ensure that it is not later than September 14th. In case you receive no notification from SAA until September 30th 2016, it indicates your application is not successful.

Apply Online SAA apprenticeship learnership

There are about ten positions for SAA apprenticeship learnership program qualified applicants can apply, some of them are; (1) aircraft mechanical where applicants will learn about airframe maintenance & power plant, (2) aircraft welding that covers, repair & tooling per manufacture, manufacture parts, heat-treat, plasma spray, weld, engine components and repair aircraft, (3) aircraft structures where applicants will gain knowledge related to aircraft structures and maintenance, (4) aircraft composite structures that includes, first, rework, rebuild, and repair all composites for both exterior and interior elements, and second, rework of aircraft acrylic windows and many more.

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