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CENFRI Masters Bursary Careers and Learnership 7

Bursary really plays a huge impact for someone’s education, moreover, for those with destitute family background as it becomes the stepping stone to grab better career for the better future. Speak of bursary, if you are masters students who look for financial assistance, probably, Cenfri masters bursary is one

CAPITEC BANK Careers Learnerships 149

For those of you who are pursuing a career in banking, you can follow Capitec Bank Career Learnership class. Just what is this open class? You can be motivated to be able to choose the right career, especially in banking. Not only that, you are going through the process

Mintek Finance Graduate Internship Opportunity 2017-2018 3

Unemployed graduates that hold interest toward a Mintek finance graduate internship opportunity for the bright future, Mintek invites all qualified applicants that fit the requirements to join the graduate internship program in Finance for April. The graduate internship program will cater graduates work-based experience that is pivotal to improve

Commerce Traineeship Programme From Guarantee Trust 18

Preparing yourself to take part in employment opportunity, you should know that you need more than what you already have in order to draw attention from your employer. Simply say, you need practical experience in order to give you better understanding about the real thing when you enter your

Edcon Learnerships Careers, Opportuniy Retailer in South Africa 39

Associated with one of the largest retails in South Africa, Edcon Learnership Career is coming to get you. The learnership offers you to have some experience in retail industry and to learn about the arrangement of retail products. There will be tutors in the learnership that are professionals in

DHL Learnerships Jobs, Express Delivery Services 33

DHL is one of the well-known logistic companies throughout the world, including South Africa and now, DHL invite young South African to join them by applying DHL Learnership Job. It is program of learnership that assists the youngsters to know more about DHL and how to participate in the

SA Department Of Public Works Learnerships Careers 51

In order to meet the needy workforce within these scarce skills including; plumbing town planning, regional planning, architecture, building engineering, civil engineering, quantity surveying, information technology, asset management, and more, department of public works offers department of public works learnership career program. Each year, various positions are offered. The

Department Of Labour Learnership Vacancies Program In South Africa 65

Department of labor learnership vacancies program is a training program available at dept of labour as part  of National Skill Development program. The dept of labour usually collaborate with particular company in providing the learnership program. The mission of the learnership program not only to give assistance for talented

Department Of Education Learnership Vacancies 85

Do you want to aim career in educational sector? Department of education learnership vacancies is what  you need as your stepping stone. The learnership program schemed by dept of education provides solid training program to enhance its applicants opportunity to fulfill their future dream. The learnership program that is

Department Of Health Learnership Vacancies South Africa 24

Every year department of health offers department of health learnership vacancies for talented applicants in order to equip them to know anything that they need to know before finally they enter the health care industry. It takes more than just qualification that you get from your tertiary institution to

FASSET Learnerships Careers, Finance and Accounting Service 21

Stands for Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority, FASSET Learnership Career helps the youngsters to develop themselves. The learnership provides much training to improve the skill and education in facing the economy today. The learnership will guide the people to prepare themselves in going down to

Exxaro Learnership Career, Resource Coal Development 23

Exxaro Learnership Career should be an interesting choice for you especially when you are considering a career focusing in mining engineering. Mining engineering is a hot commodity today and Exxaro understands this. As a result, the big mining company is offering students with prospective future a chance to expand

DPSA Learnership Vacancies, Public Service-Year Program 11

DPSA Learnership Vacancies is a program of internship held by the DPSA of the Republic of South Africa. DPSA in this case is short for Department of Public Service and Administration, so basically it is an office that mostly deals with pretty much everything that the people of South

Momentum Learnership Career, Fulfill Financial Goals 9

Momentum Learnership Career is a program that is designed in conjunction with INSETA. INSETA is short for Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority, an institution in South Africa that works toward educating people about insurance and how insurance will affect people’s life in the future. The program is aimed

SAPS Vacancies Careers, Become a Police Official 100

Nowadays, more and more people are trying to get the South African Police Service (SAPS) Vacancies because they want to help many people. That is because the South African Police Service or SPAS is considered as one of the best government legal organization that can help many people with

Discovery Learnership Career Insurance and Health Management 14

Many people have realized that health is one thing that they need to take care. As the result, Discovery as one of the biggest insurance company always has a lot of youths who join their Discovery Learnership Career program. Yes, the learnership program that this company has is considered

MTN Career and Learnership, in Telecommunication 37

Many of you might be looking for a learnership or bursary program to take as young as possible. That is because this kind of program will be able to give you a lot of things that will surely be able to give you the brighter future. Among all of

Vodacom Learnership and Career, Open Recruitment 33

Vodacom Learnership and Career is a program in order to strengthen your work experience through learning. This program is available for those who have no experience in the related field of work who already accomplished Matric certificate, National Senior Certificate and those who have further education. The candidates will

Anglo Platinum Mining Learnerships and Careers 65

When you enter the education in the university level, do you decide it based on your own passion? Do you decide the major based on your interest and your passion? If yes, it will be good. It means that you have prepared for the passion for your study starting

UTI Learnership and Career Opportunity 2

Do you want to work based on your own passion? The next question that would be appeared is that what kind of passion that you have in your life? You need to remember that you should really understand your own passion before you choose and determine a certain kind

AEL Mining Service Learnership and Vacancies 9

Education is such a long process in everyone’s life. In order to develop and improve ourselves, it is better for us to enroll in the education process. There will be no disadvantages that we will get if we enroll ourselves in the education. Then, the education can be varied

ARMSCOR Learnership and Vacancies Program 8

ARMSCOR learnership and vacancies, it is the Armaments Corporation of South Africa. It is providing learnership, vacancies and bursaries for the studies to be suitably qualified of South African learners who are in around their first, second, and third year of their study to come and register in the

Limpopo Tobacco Processors (LTP) Learnership and Career 8

Tobacco processor learnership and career program is based in Rustenburg, Limpopo, the South Africa, North West Province. Tobacco processor contracts every FCV tobacco farmer in around South Africa. It produces 12,500 tons of tobacco annually. Most of the products is produced in the Limpopo and Mpumalngan Provinces bordering the

Career Opportunity From Transnet Vacancies 60

Transnet vacancies are vacancies from Transnet for applicants that look for chance to work with Transnet. For sure, not all of applicants that apply for the vacancies have chance to win the vacancies as it means only for those with talent and determination. Get yourself know better about Transnet,

BHP Billiton Mining Learnership and Career Opportunity 16

South Africa is a potential country that offers so many learnerships for their citizens. One of the learnerships provided is BHP Billiton Learnership. This learnership is opened often for people who want to gain more skills and much knowledge especially for working in such a mining company. This learnership

Buffalo City METRO Police Officer Traineeship 5

Buffalo City Metro invites suitable applicants who hold interest in policing career to join their recent police officer traineeship. Nevertheless, applicants who want to take part of the traineeship program, these are minimum requirements to meet; (1) grade 12 qualification, (2) no criminal background, (3) physically fit, and (4)

DST-NRF Learnership Internship and Career 0

Latest DST-NRF Learnership Internship and Career is now available for both graduates and post graduates who are unemployed and have qualification in technology, science, and engineering.  The internship program is available for suitable applicants from Gauteng, Free State, Eastern Cape and more. Suitable applicants have to know that each

SAS Institute Internship Program 4

What is SAS institute internship program? Why should you apply the internship program? Internship program means you will get on-the-job training, so then, you have good insight about how the industry relevant to the internship, works. Internship program at SAS institute offers you more than just practical experience, but

General Electric (GE) Engineering Learnership and Career 13

Accelerating your knowledge within engineering and its application, Engineering Learnership and Career  from General Electric is what you need for many benefits that you’ll obtain as their interns. Through a-two-year program,each of successful interns will deal with intensive training program for skill development. Not to mention, potential interns will

Investec Learnership and Career Opportunities 2017 – 2018 1

The Investec Learnership and Career program is recently available for talented youth of South African. Graduate internship program will help its successful interns to kick-start their preference career. Applying the graduate internship from Investec, applicants will be exposed with different roles that cover, (1) recons administrator – finance, (2)

NW Office Of The Premier Work Integrated Learning 3

Chance to embrace better skill to improve career opportunity is offered to you through work integrated learning program from NW Office of the Premier. Successful applicants will gain allowance as much as R 2000 within their learnership period that is lasted for about 18 months. However, to grab your

Magalies Water Learnership Internship Career 3

In order to promote talented young generation skill development, Magalies Water Learnership Internship Career at Magalies Water is opened. And likewise other graduate internship opportunity, each of its successful internship will on-the-job training to give them further knowledge about how it feels to enter the real work environment, because

Free Digital Skill Training At Fact Foundry 0

Fact Foundry in collaboration with Google Launches OneAfrica.Online, provides talented youth of South African digital skill training at Fact Foundry for applicants who want to improve their skill in digital world, and it is free. The mission for this skill training is that to increase the awareness of South

HR Mogale City Local Municipality Graduate Internship 3

Mogale City Local Municipality recently opens HR Mogale City Local Municipality graduate internship program for qualified applicants who expect to obtain thorough understanding related to HR sector. The graduate program is separated in few categories. First, human capital graduate internship for applicants with national diploma majoring in ERM/HRM/secretarial. Second,

CIPLA Biotec Graduate Internship 2

Cipla currently invites talented youth of South African for their so-called CIPLA biotec graduate internship program, read on if you want to know further about the graduate internship. The graduate internship who is designed in six months will assist applicants to survive their transition phase, from students who mostly

Eskom Graduate Internship Opportunities 4

Each year, actively, Eskom provides graduate internship program for applicants with potential to be part of it. Say that you have huge interest toward the graduate internship program by Eskom, this is your last chance. Nevertheless, Eskom graduate internship program only available on these follow location, Matiba Power Station

PG Group Career Program 0

Latest PG Group Career program is now available for talented graduates who want to improve their skill that is inline with graduate internship that is offered. And the good part of it, the graduate internship program that is offered, it is for graduates with various degrees. There about seven

Unitrans Driver Internship Learnership Career Program 29

Unemployed graduates who aim for national certificate (NQF level 3) in professional driving, Unitrans provides driver learnership opportunity that is destined only for 17 qualified applicants. In addition, Unitrans driver Internship learnership career is not only available for Gauteng’s applicants, but also North West’s applicants. Nevertheless, you have chance

Business Partners Learnership Internship Career Program 2

Business Partners invites young and talented graduates with huge passion in finance and aim to win career within SME Finance, to participate to their latest graduate internship. Nevertheless, Business Partners learnership internship career will be started on February 1st in Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, and Johannesburg. Only for graduates

Trainee Banker Internship Learnership Career Guarantee Trust 2

Do you expect to claim a position as trainee banker at Guarantee Trust? The chance is already opened for you as Guarantee Trust offers trainee banker graduate guarantee trust. Guarantee Trust is not alone designed this program that is meant for work readiness, as Guarantee Trust works together with

ATNS: Air Traffic Controller Traineeship Programme 1

The ATNS air traffic controller traineeship is meant for talented unemployed graduates with interest in air traffic management and expect to improve their skill within the area.  Due to the completion of the traineeship program, qualified trainees will obtain skill and have qualification of becoming air traffic control officer.

Parmalat Internship Learnership Career Program 18

Parmalat internship learnership career opportunity is a development program that is created for talented youth of South African to equip them with necessary knowledge for theoretical and practical areas  within 24 months. During the internship program potential interns have chance to perform cross-functional task that allow them to undergo

Corporate And Investment Banking At Standard Bank 4

Standard Bank offers a brand new learnership within corporate and investment banking at standard bank operations for qualified applicants with huge interest interest in finance industry. Due to the completion of the learnership program successful learners will obtain national qualification in finance and core banking that is equals with

Free Business Incubator Training Program At Awethu 1

The youth of South African who have a big dream to have their own small business, Awethu free business incubator training will help them to prepare what is necessary to build a solid business, since business regardless of its size needs solid foundation, so then it can expand and

Atlas Copco Internship Learnership Careers Program 1

Good thing for recently unemployed graduates who yearn for work experience to jump-start their skill, since Atlas Copco internship learnership careers is now available, let it alone that the graduate internship program comes in some options to choose based on applicants qualification and also their interest. Nevertheless, the requirements

Summer Vacation Law Graduate Program At Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr 1

Only for youth of South African who wants to spend their vacation with something that will enhance their skill in law area, you better consider summer vacation law graduate program that is designed by Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr. Successful applicants of the summer vacation program will gain opportunity to work

Procter & Gamble PG Internship Learnership Careers 2

A great chance for the youth of South African to improve their skill through summer vacation programme from Procter & Gambler Internship learnership careers. The reason why qualified applicants should consider this one is that they will deal with the real project assignment during the programme that helps them

Free Driver Training From Coega Development Corp 0

Reading the job announcement, you will discover that mostly employers request their potential employees to hold a driver’s license. Even if you want to apply for learnership or internship program, sometimes the minimum requirements require you to posses a driver’s license. However, for particular reason, some of you find

Goodyear Internship Learnership Vacancies Careers 8

Unemployed graduates who expect to join a graduate internship program for 2017, there is a recent Goodyear internship learnership vacancies careers opportunity that qualified graduates can apply. The graduate internship program is designed into several categories alongside with its subcategories. As starter, graduate internship from Goodyear offers you Supply

Sasol Vacancies Opportunity 10

Another career opportunity that should not be missed by unemployed graduate is Sasol vacancies. The vacancy is administered by Sasol that provides chance for talented young generation to be part of it. The excellent working environment, it helps its employees to polish their skill that is not only good

Eskom Careers Opportunity 5

Eskom company plays a very significant part in energy industry, in fact, it is a huge company. Nevertheless, as a huge company , Eskom relies to talented and skillful employees to stay huge and to serve the country even better. For that reason, Eskom careers are available to recruit

DPSA Vacancies Opportunity 4

DPSA Vacancies are job opportunities that are given to those who have huge passion in public service, the chances are various, thence applicants can choose kind of jobs that meet their qualifications. In addition, the provincial administration speaks the same. What kind job that is provided through DPSA? The

Elidz Graduate Internship Program 0

The latest internship opportunity from Elidz is opened for the youth of South African with potential to enhance their knowledge that is related to the said graduate internship. Elidz graduate internship program gives path for qualified applicants to have better insight in, (1) ICT for unemployed graduates with national

Management Trainee Programme At RCL Foods 0

Qualified applicants that have ambition to become future leader, ensure that you take the latest RCL Foods management trainee programme. The trainee programme will wide open the path for potential leaders to take their roles within the industry through theoretical and practical training within the industry. Who can apply

Vodacom Learnership Internship Vacancies Programme 3

Learnership opportunity is great way to sharpen your qualification through a training program that is split in theoretical and practical training. Learnership experience opens more chance for suitable applicants to gain attention from their employer. Not to mention, but if you look for another learnership opportunity in telecommunication, Vodacom

UNITRANS Trainee in Diesel Mechanic 2

Considering to step in diesel mechanic industry, your chance is widen if you have more qualification to give to your employer like national certificate in diesel mechanic with a plus of work-based experience. For that reason, UNITRANS gives chance for graduates with potential to become UNITRANS trainee in diesel

Graduate Internship Opportunity At ATNS 0

ATNS (Air Traffic and Navigation Services) invites applicants with potential to apply their brand new graduate internship opportunities. The internship that is given, it aims to help unemployed graduates to gain better employment opportunity. ATNS as the official of the graduate internship really understand that it is not easy

Finance Graduate Internship Program From West Coast District Municipality 0

Unemployed graduates with potential that yearn for skill development in finance territory, grab your chance to apply for finance graduate internship opportunity at West Coast District Municipality.   To join the graduate internship, here are the requirements to note, (1) age should be around 21 to 35 years old, (2)

SAQA Graduate Internship Program 1

Qualified applicants have chance to join various graduate internship programs at SAQA graduate internship for thorough understanding toward particular major that they take. This way there is no need for them to be that worry about employment opportunity because of the work-based experience during the internship make them way

SASOL Junior Fire Fighter Traineeship Program 93

Make your dream of becoming a fire fighter come true by joining sasol junior fire fighter traineeship by Sasol. Fire  fighter is not an easy job for the danger that you should overcome, that is why without proper experience, it’s somehow hard to achieve your dream. However, it’s not

ITAC Graduate Internship Opportunity 0

Four ITAC graduates internship programs are opened for unemployed graduates with potential to meet the requirements, which are; (1) citizen of South Africa whose ages are around 18 to 35 years old, (2) you hold higher education that is requested by the graduate internship program that you apply, (3)

Chevron Vacation Program 0

Gaining experiences and more knowledge while you are still young is important to explore new things. There are many things you can consider having when it comes to your future planning. One thing you have to underline is about how you can get best experience for your life. As

Graduate Internship Programme At Dept Of Agriculture And Rural Development 0

Aim for graduate internship programme from government department, you have your chance for graduate internship opportunity at NW dept of agriculture and rural development. For the reason that they provide few numbers of graduate internship that they schemed, potential applicants gain more chances for the offered positions, which are;

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Internship Opportunities 4

Unemployed graduates who are looking for a work-based experience training related to mechanical engineering, you have your chance now to join Dow mechanical engineering graduate program. Graduate internship program will be situated in Durban (South Africa). Your benefit during the training program, you will be supervised by professional engineer

Dept Of Rural Development And Land Reform Graduate Internship Program 0

Opportunity for unemployed graduate of South Africa to participate in department of rural development and land reform graduate internship that is recently opened. The graduate and internship program is available in some categories. Get your chance for the graduate internship, first, you should be qualified applicants whose age are

Trainee Communication Officer Position from SA Airways 1

SA airways opens opportunity for interested applicants to become trainee communication officer through their recent traineeship programme. Those who expect to take benefits of the training program that is schemed, learn beforehand the competencies to ensure you eligibility to be part of the program, which cover; (1) Matric/Grade 12

Summer Vacation Law Graduate Programme From Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr 0

Considering to apply law graduate programme, summer vacation law graduate programme that is designed by Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr (CDH) is one among other law graduate programmes to rely on. Asking about how the graduate opportunity that is offered by CDH can improve your skill, then first, you will have

Re-Announced Vacancy MBSA Artisan Apprenticeship 4

Qualified graduates who are interested to join automobile industry, you need MBSA artisan apprenticeship program for the thorough knowledge that you will obtain. The apprenticeship falls in two parts, one, it is Motor Vehicle Systems. During the apprenticeship, you will perform diagnosis, maintenance, and repair. Two, it is Manufacturing

RMB Winter Graduate Internship Opportunity Is Now Opened 2

Opportunity to join RMB winter graduate internship program for 2016 is already announced. So to speak the chance is given to all students from Masters and Honours level that take these follow majors; accounting, business science, risk, engineering, quantitative finance, actuarial science, mathematical finance, finance, BCom, and many others.

Study Medicine In Cuba From KZN Department Of Health 12

If you are brilliant South Africa students that have huge dream to study medicine in Cuba but dealing with financial difficulty, worry no more, since KZN department of health invites aspiring students to take part of the opportunity to study medicine that is situated in Cuba through their bursary

Blood Blank Trainee/Qualified Technologist At SANBS 0

Expecting to know top to bottom related to routine testing functions that occurs in South Africa National Blood Service (SANBS) put into account blood bank trainee /qualified technologist, since this is your chance to make your dream comes true. Speak of chances that are offered by SANBS, this is

Unilever June-July Winter Graduate Internship Program 4

Opportunities for potential graduates to attain deeper insight for certain qualification that they have to join Unilever June-July winter graduate internship program for 2016 that is arranged by Unilever. Fortunately the options come in distinctive categories, thence it can entwine more young and talented generation to acquire the graduate

SAB (South African Breweries) MILLER Carers Opportunity 0

SAB is already announced their brewing in service training program, therefore, potential youth of South Africa who has interest to become brewing in service trainee X8 that is proposed by SAB, your chance is now. Simply match the requirements that cover; (1) you are now in the midst to